The right to self ID


Show your support for a proposed law that will make life easier for trans people in Aotearoa.


At the moment, the BDM Act makes life harder for transgender people.

The Births Deaths and Marriages Act is the legislation which, among other things, regulates how people can use and change their birth certificates.

Currently, if a transgender person wants to correct the gender on their birth certificate they have to jump through hoops by involving the Family Court and needing to provide evidence of extensive (and often unavailable) medical interventions.

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The Government wants to change this.

The Government has proposed amendments to fix this and let trans people correct their birth certificate by making a declaration in front of a Justice of the Peace. This is similar to the process for changing passports and drivers licences, and it would bring our laws in line with an increasing number of places including Malta, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium and the state of California


But a transphobic campaign has been started to pressure Members of Parliament to reject these changes.

The campaign is run by a group which doesn’t believe trans people deserve the right to self-identify their gender or change their birth certificates. They use misinformation and moral panic to spread their message.

We need your help to tell MPs that these messages are wrong, and amendments to the BDM Act are wanted and needed.


Will you use your voice to stand with trans people by writing in support of the BDM amendments?